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Hi, I’m Brandon!
This may sound strange, but I’m super excited to meet you! Before I continue I want to thank you personally for stopping by to check out my website, so THANK YOU! You’re my new favorite person in the whole world!

This is supposed to be my about page so stop hogging it all for your ridiculously attractive self and that majestic head of hair of yours! I mean seriously! That thing is like a lion’s mane! How do you do it?

Ugh! You distracted me again! Okay for real this time.

My name is Brandon and I am a professional photographer, cinematographer, designer, blogger, traveler, and entrepreneur… or at least I want to be. See to be honest, I’m only at the very beginning stages of making my dream career and lifestyle a reality, as I’m sure many of you are yourselves. I know how difficult and at times, scary it can be to pursue a creative passion with no clear path for how to get to where you want to be. Especially when so many others around you are telling you either can’t or shouldn’t. I created the Creatist Blog to share my journey so that others can learn from my story, both the mistakes and (hopefully) the successes as well.

This site is like a “home base” for everything that I do: my art, my writing, my travels, it’s my portfolio, and a place to share my journey and the lessons I learn along the way. I sincerely hope that in doing so I am able to pass on value to you, whether that be through tutorials, creative inspiration, or any wisdom that I’m lucky enough to stumble upon. The web lets us connect with people that we never could have interacted with before and lets us do so in way never before possible and I am so excited to use it to share the things that I am passionate about. Which includes photography, cinematography, design, travel, marketing, entrepreneurship, art, creativity, action sports, nature, health and fitness, and really anything that leads to a more rich fulfilling life of freedom.

If you’re a creative artist, entrepreneur, blogger, traveler, or any other type of adventurous unconventional go-getter, this sight might just be the place for you. And if you don’t think you’re any of those things, but you want to learn how to be, then this is definitely the place for you. I know because I’ve been there and I’m still learning myself. I want to help you on your goals so as I work towards my own goals and my ultimate vision I will share everything I learn from my failures to my successes. We will grow together and make this site more than just another lost blog on the web, but a community of hard-charging, action-taking badasses ready to live a life not governed by the expectations of others, but by the vision that we claim for ourselves.

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